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Women’s Heart Clinic

It is a common myth to believe that only men suffer from heart diseases. In truth, statistics show that more and more women now suffer from heart diseases, even those in 30’s! Women have been found more vulnerable to heart diseases since their arteries are found to be narrower than those of men.

Unfortunately, many women are still unaware they are at risk of heart disease. In fact, the number of coronary disease in women has increased considerably in the last five years.

Heart problems are greatly increased in women having history of diabetes, a family history of heart disease, or are at menopausal age. Some women from certain ethnic groups also have higher-than-average risk. While the risk factors like ethnicity can’t be changed, other risk factors can be changed or controlled like smoking, physical inactivity, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Our “Woman & Heart” program has been specifically designed for women to create awareness of various heart disease, identifying symptoms, managing risk factors, and the possible treatment options.

So read on, and ensure health of your heart.

Call for an appointment of our lady cardiologists; as they are available in the following NMC hospitals

NMC Medical Centre, Deira - Dubai

Dr. Anjana Asokan Nair

Dr. Anjana Asokan Nair

Hod - specialist cardiology,

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