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NMC Heartcare

Heart disease is common in the Gulf, the result of a sedentary lifestyle, high level of fast food consumption and high instance of smoking and diabetes. The average age for patients presenting with heart disease in the West is 65-70 whereas it is around 55-60 here. Within this environment it is crucial to provide preventative measures to reduce the instance of heart disease, and also to have the expertise and facilities to efficiently treat patients to international standards.

Where once patients were inclined to travel abroad to seek surgery, increasingly they find the expertise that is required right here on their doorstep – at NMC Healthcare
NMC Healthcare’s Centers for Advance Cardiac Sciences have been doing path breaking work in cardiology and cardiac surgery over the past 20 years. Our surgeons are recognized all over the world for innovative new approaches, refining their skills from routine cardiac procedures to Beating heart Bypass surgeries.

Our ultra-modern 24×7 Cardiac unit, handled by renowned cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, electrophysiologists and anesthetists, offer heart care services across the spectrum of adult heart care like Coronary, Structural and Peripheral vascular diseases and peripheral vascular diseases, electrophysiology, and device therapies. Our Intensive Coronary Care Units (ICCUs) are managed and monitored round-the-clock by critical care specialists and intensivists, supported by highly trained paramedical and nursing teams. Our hospitals also offer an excellent cardiac rehabilitation program that focuses on the post-operative care of cardiac patients.

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