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Excision of Lung Cysts

Lung cysts are small air-filled sacs that form in the lungs. The cysts can rupture at any point in time with changes in external air pressure, releasing the air contained in the cysts into the lung space. This increases the pressure on the lungs, causing it to collapse. Cysts can be treated by surgical excision through the following procedures:

  • Open thoracotomy: In this procedure, your doctor makes an incision in your chest and separates the ribs to gain access to your chest cavity
  • Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: Your physician makes a small incision in the chest and inserts a thorascope (small tube attached with a fiber optic camera). The images taken by the camera helps your physician locate the cyst and remove it
  • Robotic resection: In this procedure, the cyst is removed using robotic instruments. Your surgeon controls the robotic movements from a console with the help of a computer

The cyst is located and excised by stapling, clamping or suturing it at its base and reinforcing it to ensure that the cyst is removed whole and does not leak. The wound is then sutured and bandaged.

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