Dr. Mehmet Urumdas
Dr. Mehmet Urumdas
Specialist Cardiologist
Languages Known:
English, Turkish, Arabic
Additional Information

Dr. Mehmet Urumdas completed his study as Doctor of Medicine from the Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University in 2005.

He is fully trained in invasive and non-invasive cardiology and did his cardiology residency training at the Kosuyolu Heart Training and Research Hospital in the Istanbul which is one of the         busiest coronary intervention centres in the Turkey.

He worked as a specialist cardiologist in government hospitals in Turkey.

He has several international publications, articles and scientific case presentations to his credit.

Dr. Mehmet is specialist interventional and non-invasive cardiologist since 2011. He performed thousands of diagnostic coronary angiograms and angioplasty procedures, transient and permanent pacemaker implantation procedures and various non-invasive cardiac testings such as ECG, Echocardiography (TTE,TEE), exercise, dobutamine and nuclear stress. Also he performs interpretation of ambulatory blood pressure and ambulatory ECG monitoring.

He can speak in English and Turkish.